Earth’s Surface : Where Biology and Geology Interact (AGU in San Fransisco) / 2009

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samedi 30 janvier 2010
par  Laurence Chapon


2 days at the GIFT workshop in San Fransisco

dimanche 27 février 2011
par  Laurence Chapon

2012, la fin du monde ?

The Truth about 2012 from NASA Lunar Science Institute on Vimeo.

Sunday 27 December 2009
by  Laurence Chapon

Introduction : Search for water in the univers

When we say water, we think liquid water. But in fact water is H2O.
The purpose of searching water in the univers is to kook for places were life might exist (or might have exist). And life can exist if their is liquid water. Water is the only solvant in wich organic moleculs can combine and (...)

mercredi 10 février 2010
par  Laurence Chapon

Following the water (and Ice) on Mars

The presence of water has different meaning for a planet :
Water means life ;
Water characterize the climat ;
Water characterize the geology ;
Water means human ? in different formsin very various places liquid solid vapor ground water oceans, rivers, lac, flowed... polar caps, (...)

Saturday 30 January 2010
by  Laurence Chapon

Remote Sensing of the Moon: The Hunt for Lunar Water

Moon formation:
The moon was formed 4,56 GA. At this moment, Earth was a big magma ball with no solid crust.
A Mars-size body slammed into proto-Earth. It have ejected a big part of the mama ocaen from the Earth. The rotation of the Moon is directly linked to this collision. This is why Moon (...)